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Bicycle Tune Up at Ernie’s Cycle Shop

In this video Bruce show us what a bike tune up consists of at Ernie’s. This is a thorough and thoughtful process, going over every aspect and making sure that each bike serviced is fully ready for it’s ride.

Bearing Service

In this video, Bruce goes over the service process for cup and cone wheel bearings. This service was performed at Ernie’s Cycle Shop in Westbrook Maine. If you need any bicycle related service, Ernie’s is open 6 days a week until 5PM (6PM on Thursday).

Basic Chain Maintenance

When considering bicycle maintenance the chain is one component that should be given regular attention. Bike chains get a LOT of abuse. Not only are they a major player in bike propulsion, taking all the driving force our legs can manage to deliver, they also collect road and trail dirt, grime, debris, salt, etc. All… Read more »