In Loving Memory

A sad goodbye to Chuck and his former wife Krista

In life, we are lucky if we get to experience kindness.

People with whom we feel a mutual affection.

People you can call for help and you know they will be there.

These people become pillars in our lives, helping to support us.

We are fortunate to have such pillars in our lives.

The week of January 22-28 two of our pillars fell!

Both people were true pillars in our lives and our community.

Charles “Chuck” Wiedmann, one of the former owners of Ernie’s Cycle Shop, passed away in his home in Arizona.

Krista Eva Wiedmann, Chuck’s high school sweetheart (former wife), passed in her home here in Maine.

May their memory bring comfort and joy to all whom knew and loved them,

and may their energy soar!


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