Bike Fest Westbrook

Date/Time: October 08th 2022 9:00am - 9:00pm

Ernie’s Cycle Shop is so grateful for our customers and employees that we’re putting on a “Humdinga” of a Bike Fest!

Closing for the day at 12:00 so we can all join the fun.

Kickin’ it off Saturday morning (oct 8 th ) at 9:00AM with some great bike
rides. Road AND Mountain!, (repeating @ 12:00 noon).

The Road rides are “NO DROP” rides led by our friends of the Casco Bay Bicycle Club.

The Mountain Bikers will be rippin’ the Gorham Trails.
We’ll ride from Ernie’s at 9:00 to the trailhead on Weeks Rd. where @ 10:00 NEMBA’s
Mike Sandora will lead the pack and the afternoon MTB ride will be led
by our own Bruce Wallingford.

Then at 5:00 pm the “Shop vs Shop” Flat Track Challenge.
Watch and cheer on your favs!

Music will be starting at 1:30 by “Gary Richardson”, followed by “Los Lawnchairos” at 3:00 and then “King Of The Deep” will be rockin’ us through the night from 6:00-9:00 pm.

This all day fun includes a unique bike show, pumpin’ thru our pump track, Hittin’ the Portland Trails dirt jump line or even just a ride down the trail by the river. There’s also a manual box, a skinny and some other fun elements around the property.

Did we mention food? Lots of food all day! Including S’mores to top off the day!
Hope you can join the fun!