It’s not just all the children’s first bikes though.  I’ve been part of getting many adults on that perfect bike that just makes them smile.  One came in to tell me he was suffering from “dry tooth syndrome” from riding the bike he got from us.  I was instantly concerned (he looked very serious) and said he couldn’t stop smiling so his teeth were drying out.  Yup!  He got me!  Hook, line and sinker.  Of course I laughed.  Another customer came in looking for a juvenile 24″ bike for herself telling me that she had never been able to ride an adult bike due to her height.  We had one that fit her ride style and size, in stock.  She was absolutely giddy.  That was twelve years ago and she is still our customer and a good friend.  I am so blessed to be able to meet and help so many people love riding the way I love riding.

My mom was a teacher and I think I may have picked up some of her strategies over the years.  I love to learn and share that knowledge with others.  I think that is why I love to help my customers get all the information they need to make the best decision they can on the bike they will have for years to come.  I have been accused of being passionate about what I do and I can’t argue.  If I believe in something I DO become very passionate about it.  To sum it up, it is truly my hope that when you come to my shop, I will help you with all your biking needs and that you too will complain about “dry teeth syndrome” while riding.

Remember… Life is a cycle, we hope you enjoy the ride!